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white foot ants are extremely common in south Florida and an infestation can completely overrun a property and home. We have developed a specialized whited footed ant procedure that has one of the highest success rates in south Florida.

White footed ants are part of a small number of ant breeds that can detect pesticide. As a result, white footed ants are non- responsive to more common pesticides, which allows their nests to grow rapidly and in large numbers.

When sensing chemical, white footed ants avoid, relocate on the property, and multiply at an extremely heightened rate as a defense mechanism. As a result, having any other treatment other than the white footed ant treatment can actually aggravate the problem.

The white footed ant treatment utilizes TERMIDOR, the only chemical that effectively eliminates white footed ant infestations because it is undetectable by virtually any insect. TERMIDOR is a termite chemical that is applied differently for white footed ants.

Our technicians power spray on the exterior, 1 foot from the base of the home up, and 3 feet from the base of the home out, completely around the perimeter. Our technicians also power spray along all gutters and eaves, as well as around all windows.

In addition, this treatment includes an attic dusting to control any influx that may occur as a result of the exterior TERMIDOR spray.

The white foot ant treatment takes 4-6 weeks for full effect. We highly recommend that this treatment be done at the first sign of white foot ant activity, so as to eliminate any growing nests and prevent overwhelming infestation.

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