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rodent exclusion

This service can only be done after a month rodent control program or as a preventative measure for a customer with no past or current rodent problems. Technicians foam, seal, and screen any and all holes, openings, and vents in the attic and exterior of the home, as these are common points of rodent entry. This service includes a final attic inspection for rodent activity after the service has been performed.

We also offer attic clean outs, in which the technician will remove all rodent droppings and sanitize or replace insulation in the attic- this is highly recommended after severe rodent infestations.


we also provide animal trapping and removal!

rodent control program

the two most common rat species in florida are the roof rat and the Norway rat. rats do not have any bones, which allows them to sneak into very small openings such as ac chase gaps, openings around pipes etc. homes on lakes and canals are more susceptible to activity.

Technicians set as many traps as needed in attic and any other rodent avenues. Rodent bait boxes are placed outside of the home. A technician comes 1 time per week for 4 weeks to check all traps, remove any dead rodents, replace any traps, and refill the bait box.