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" Nick Felicione Inc. has exceeded our expectations. As president of Bay Point in Broken Sound Country Club, we have had numerous pest control companies. They have always promised a lot and yet delivered very little. Nick Felicione Inc. does everything they say they will and more.We keep adding to our contract as they are so professional and competitively priced. They respond promptly when there is a problem and always have a solution. I would highly recommend them for your personal or business needs. "

~Carol K.Winig, HOA President Bay Point

An attic dusting is not only effective in treating interior infestations, but it is also a great preventative measure to protect your home.

The technician blows a boric acid powder into the attic. It fills the attic of the home, reaching the insulation, where ants and most other insects tend to nest. They ingest and absorb this chemical, dying off in waves. Reproduction decreases, until the nest is effectively eliminated.

This treatment takes 4-6 weeks for full effect.